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The Impact of Monthly Donors

Giving consistently on a monthly basis to a nonprofit can be just as meaningful as a large, one-time donation because it provides a continuous revenue that the nonprofit can count on, and often allows a donor to provide a larger annual contribution each year.

Strength in Numbers: Nonprofits Working Together for the Greater Good

Discover the power of nonprofit collaboration during the pandemic and how strategic partnerships are shaping Anne Arundel County's narrative, including the recent acquisition of a historically significant property. Read more about these impactful efforts and learn how you can support local nonprofits working together to address community needs.

CFAAC Community Connector - June 2024

In this edition of the CFAAC Community Connector, we'll cover CFAAC news and impact, updates on grants, events, and information about the 2024 Celebration of Philanthropy Awards and Morehead-Cain Scholars' experience. We also present the last in our series on "The Great Wealth Transfer" and offer insights for professional advisors.

CFAAC Harnesses Talents of Morehead-Cain Scholars for Community Betterment

CFAAC is proud to welcome five Morehead-Cain Scholars from the University of North Carolina (UNC) this summer. Scholars Brady Andrew, Lillian Brooks, Nandini Kanthi, Derek Peng, and Catherine Scott will be working with the CFAAC team for eight weeks this summer to create an in-depth report that will inform its grantmaking strategies and pioneer new solutions to longstanding community challenges.