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Corporate Advised Funds

Take the work out of corporate giving, allow your company’s executives and employees to stay focused on your business while enjoying the many benefits of giving back. We can create a customized corporate philanthropy program for your business and your employees. The flexibility of our service delivery means your company can outsource its entire charitable giving program, or just a portion of it for expert management and maximum impact.

Since 1998, CFAAC has established and managed funds and employee giving programs for companies who want to invest in an improved quality of life in Anne Arundel County. Our professional staff manage your investment strategies with accountability and trust. We can partner with your qualified investment advisor to help you reach your financial goals. CFAAC offers access to a strategic and customized philanthropy plan for your business.

Simplify Your Giving
With a single gift of $10,000 or more your company can open a Corporate Advised Fund at CFAAC, maximizing the benefits for your business and further engaging your employees. It's like having your own private foundation, only without the hassle and expense.

Make an Impact
As your partner in philanthropy, CFAAC will work with your company’s senior management to launch and grow a philanthropy program that aligns with your strategic business goals ensuring the good you do in the community boosts your company’s brand and impact.

Consult with Experts
CFAAC distributes nearly $4 to $6 million annually to a variety of nonprofit organizations. We monitor all areas of community need—including human services, education, the environment, healthcare, the arts and economic development.

Employee Engagement
You can outsource all of your giving or just a portion of it. We can facilitate an Employee Advisory Committee to review proposals and advise on grant distributions. Anyone can contribute to your fund at any time using a variety of assets, and all gifts qualify for an immediate tax deduction. This is particularly useful during times of disaster when both, employees and the company, may wish to combine their giving to help those in need.

Choose Your Nonprofits
CFAAC staff researches each nonprofit your company is interested in supporting to ensure it is in good standing with regulators and then issues the check from your fund. We provide you with the resources to help you stay informed about your fund 24-7. Through our website, you can access your fund statement, make grant recommendations, view gifts to the fund, as well as grants made over time. 

Increase Your Impact
CFAAC works with many businesses to explore creative ways to expand their impact in the community including matching gift programs, publicizing your fund, and more.

Benefits and Services

• The opportunity to name your Corporate Advised Fund and issue grants in your company's name or remain anonymous.

• Real-time access through the online portal where you can recommend grants and track your grantmaking activity.

• Timely and efficient grant administration and processing.

• Flexible and expertly managed investment options.

• Ability to donate diverse assets including cash, appreciated stock, real estate, and other assets and receive the maximum allowable tax advantages.

• No federal excise tax on investment income, no minimum annual payout requirement, or need to file a separate tax return like with a private foundation.

• No legal liability. CFAAC remains in full compliance with state and federal regulations as they relate to grants and contributions.

• Ability to have employees add to your fund.

• Invitations to exclusive community foundation events, networking opportunities with other donors, and community leaders.

Contact CFAAC Staff for creative ways to use your Corporate Advised Fund to maximize your company's impact in the community, 410.280.1102.