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Consciousness on the rise: Tips for advising impact investors

The term “impact investing” is said to have emerged in 2007 as a descriptor for deploying capital not only to achieve financial returns, but also to foster social progress and/or avoid harm to people and the environment.

Keeping Our Community Strong: Your Role is Critical

COVID-19 has significantly impacted nonprofit operations across the country and hampered nonprofits’ ability to help their communities during a crisis in which millions of people are in need. The National Council of Nonprofits reports widespread damage to nonprofits’ programs, services, supplies, staffs, and budgets due to the pandemic and current economic challenges. This means nonprofits need philanthropic support now more than ever.

A treat to boost 2021: Congress extends charitable giving incentives

As your clients reboot after a wild 2020, now is a great time to address their charitable giving plans for 2021. COVID-19 has proven to be a marathon, not a sprint. Nonprofit organizations will be relying on the generosity of donors for the foreseeable future to stay afloat and serve the people who need their programs. Consider dropping a quick note to clients for whom philanthropy is a priority, sharing a few tips that can help make 2021 a better year for our community...

Advice to advisors: Seek clarity about clients’ commitment to community

The odds of President-elect Biden’s proposed tax plan becoming law depend on factors that won’t be known until Georgia’s run-off elections on January 5, which will decide whether the Democrats or the Republicans will control the United States Senate.