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Building Community

It takes each and every one of us to build and sustain a community. We all bring different strengths and perspectives that are of value and lend to the whole. The public sector includes all government services that are provided for our health, education, safety, transportation, and governance. The private sector includes businesses of all sizes. And while nonprofits are considered part of the private sector by definition (also called the independent, voluntary or social sector), they are most often categorized as the third sector of the community. We all provide necessary services for surviving and thriving in our community and none of us can do what needs done without each other.

We have more opportunity today than ever to develop cross-sector partnerships that yield real solutions to seemingly intractable societal challenges. Most people can agree that a community where people are safe and healthy, and have access to affordable housing, quality health care, jobs that pay a living wage, and transportation to get there is a decent place to live. What many people cannot agree on is how to best achieve this.

To make transformational and long-term impact requires a common vision for Anne Arundel County combined with strong leadership, shared commitment, a long-term plan, stable funding, and shared measures across sectors. Progress is being made every day.


Help Ensure the Sustainability of CFAAC

People often ask “How can we help?” Your support allows CFAAC to respond quickly and effectively to the most pressing community needs and issues through changing times. We not only make grants to local nonprofits, but partner with them to help them achieve their programmatic goals and achieve real, lasting impact on individuals in our community.

CFAAC is the largest institutional funder in Anne Arundel County and we are committed to improving our community by supporting programs that are making a significant impact and providing measurable outcomes for low-income county residents to live healthy, vibrant, and successful lives.

Our role in the community goes beyond providing high-quality philanthropic services to our donors, CFAAC is a convener of service providers and philanthropic institutions, an advocate for local nonprofits, and a catalyst for new ideas and community problem-solving. To help ensure these important opportunities continue for the individuals who need them most, please consider supporting our Community Leadership efforts. 

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Our knowledgeable staff is happy to meet with you and share more, please call us at 410.280.1102.