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Professional advisors play a key role in helping their clients fulfill their philanthropic interests and you are among the best positioned to initiate and engage your clients in these conversations.

Simplify Your Client's Giving

By partnering with CFAAC, you can make it easier for your clients to give effectively and maximize their tax benefits.

With a single gift of $10,000 or more your clients can establish a fund at CFAAC that allows them to qualify for an immediate tax deduction and give to the causes they care about most. It's like having their own private foundation without the hassle and expense.

Consult with Experts

CFAAC distributes over a million dollars in grants each year to a variety of nonprofit organizations. We monitor all areas of community need including human services, education, the environment, healthcare, the arts and economic development allowing our staff to provide a highly personalized service tailored to your client's philanthropic interests.

Retain Your Clients

Our Medallion Investment Partners Program allows donors to establish a fund at CFAAC while keeping their current advisor to manage the assets and earn investment management fees.

Our knowledgeable staff is happy to meet with you and share more, please call us at 410.280.1102 or email