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The Impact of Monthly Donors

For some, supporting their favorite nonprofit happens once a year, usually during annual appeal drives or at the holidays. Nonprofits definitely appreciate these gifts and depend on them. However, giving consistently on a monthly basis can be just as meaningful as a large, one-time donation because it provides a continuous revenue that the nonprofit can count on, and often allows a donor to provide a larger annual contribution each year. Nonprofits often depend on monthly donations to bolster their operational budget, offer them peace of mind and allow them to respond quickly to the ever-evolving needs of the organization.

Nonprofits rely on philanthropy to support their missions and they must plan carefully for the fundraising initiatives that will successfully support their organization. Monthly donors are important and special to nonprofits because of the commitment that they demonstrate to the organization by offering their support month after month, year after year. Nonprofits know that they have an important ally supporting their work and they don’t take donors for granted. Donors are kept informed about what is happening within the organization and, in many ways, treated as an insider who has a significant and long-term interest in the success of the organization. 

Monthly gifts can also assist nonprofits as they plan ahead and develop their programmatic goals, budgets and overall strategies for the year. By committing to reoccurring donations, donors provide a stable income stream for nonprofits so they don’t have to rely on uncertain estimates and can make financial decisions with greater confidence. Since monthly donations help nonprofits in budget preparation and fundraising plans, this means that the nonprofit can pivot their strategies for fundraising activities throughout the year, if needed. 

One of the most important reasons to give monthly is to ensure sustained impact, thereby helping more people. Regular monthly contributions not only minimize overhead costs but also maximize returns on investments, enabling nonprofits to use their resources to provide services rather than spend additional resources trying to raise more dollars. Read more.



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