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Farms, Tax Planning, and Funding a Family Legacy

Farmland, like many other hard-to-value assets, tends to carry with it a lot of emotional attachment. Farmland also can be hard to manage in an estate plan because of several challenges including multiple owners and the complexity of the estate tax as it’s applied to farm-related assets. For these reasons, it is worth exploring philanthropic options with your clients who own farmland.

Back to basics: Reminding Clients About Wills, Trusts, and Charitable Bequests

August is National Make a Will Month, and the publicity surrounding this designation may prompt your clients to ask you about whether their affairs are in good order. Of course, making sure a client has established an estate plan and executed corresponding legal documents is a priority for any attorney, accountant, or financial advisor who practices in the field of estate planning, tax, or wealth management. Still, it’s always helpful to remind clients to keep their estate plans up to date and review their plans with you on a regular basis.

QCD enhancements: Steps forward and fingers crossed

Donors and professional advisors are watching as the Senate inches forward the legislation known as SECURE 2.0.

The Community Foundation Edge: Knowledge, QCD eligibility, and public support

Advisors frequently comment that they’re surprised to discover the many ways a community foundation can help their clients, especially compared with national Donor Advised Fund programs affiliated with brokerage houses or financial services firms.