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An Eye on the Law: Recent Updates and Rulings

The Community Foundation stays on top of tax cases, IRS rulings, and legislation that could impact the advice and counsel you provide your clients on matters involving charitable giving.

Planned Giving Starts Now: Tips and Talking Points for Lifetime Charitable Gifts

According to 2020 statistics released in June 2021 as part of the Giving USA report, Americans’ bequests to charity totaled nearly $42 billion last year. That’s a tremendous amount of charitable giving flowing to community organizations from donors after they die. Still, it’s a fraction of the $324 billion Giving USA reports was given to charities in 2020 by living individuals.

Case Study: How to Spot a Charitable Remainder Trust Opportunity

Imagine that a client sits down at your conference room table and begins the meeting something like this: “I’ve got a prime tract of land I bought for $200,000 just 10 years ago, and now I am sure I could sell it for $2 million because the market is so hot for new residential development in the area. I need to act fast because I am not sure how much longer this real estate boom will last.”

How Can Planned Giving Benefit your Family?

When making a bequest, many people think that they are obligated to leave their entire estate to their heirs. When in fact, depending on tax laws, charitable bequests can reduce (or even eliminate) the amount of estate tax your beneficiaries will owe.