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Marston Family Foundation Fund

Lee Marston’s father was a preacher who instilled in him the practice of tithing and giving back to the community where one lives, works and raises a family. Lee and his wife Sylvia have lived their entire lives following these giving principles. “It’s in everyone’s best interest to give. I truly believe that if every one of us gave back, even just a little, the world would be a better place. Starting right here in our own community,” says Lee.

Lee visited the Severn River for the first time when he was only three months old. His grandparents had a farm on the river and Lee was fortunate to spend his summers growing up there. As a young man, Lee remembers the Severn River as being clean and clear along with his love of fishing and catching soft crabs. Lee’s early career took him out west and after moving his family back to Anne Arundel County, he noticed the river he loved had changed. It was muddy, the grasses were disappearing, and the blue crabs were dying. Something had to be done and he wondered how he could make a difference. Lee became the first Treasurer of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.

Establishing a Donor Advised Fund at CFAAC was the ideal way for Lee and Sylvia to build their family’s philanthropic legacy. Every year, Lee and Sylvia’s children and grandchildren are each allotted a specific amount from the Marston Family Foundation Fund for grantmaking. During the winter holidays, the family gathers to discuss their individual philanthropic interests. The family’s interests vary widely and include restoration of the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries, AIDS awareness, education, food banks, gender identity and expression, and the healing arts.

Lee notes, “I just think it’s important to do something to help what you love and what you believe in.”


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