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Margie Kosmerl, Fund Advisor at CFAAC

CFAAC "Gives Hope"

Margie Kosmerl, owner and President of Blue Heron Financial Group in Annapolis, became involved with the Community Foundation of Anne Arundel County (CFAAC) about 12 years ago. Margie’s participation with CFAAC began as “…something I needed to do professionally…but the deeper I have gotten, the more fulfilled I have become.” 

Margie’s involvement became more personal after her son, Danny, passed away a few days before Christmas of 2015. Like far too many today, the demon of opioid addiction won an ongoing battle. It was in those early days in the midst of the fog of grief and sorrow that Margie set up a fund through CFAAC as a way to honor Danny’s life. The fund was established with a specific goal; to direct contributions towards purposes and causes that could help change the course of addiction.

Danny grew up in Anne Arundel County, took classes at Anne Arundel Community College in Hospitality and Culinary Arts, and worked at several local restaurants. He eventually achieved his goal of becoming an Executive Chef at a Marriott Resorts property in Florida. His creativity and work ethic earned him many culinary achievements prior to his untimely death.

Danny’s Fund is dedicated to helping others overcome the hardships associated with addiction, and if there’s a tie in to Danny’s love of the culinary arts, all the better. A recent example of a contribution made from Danny’s Fund, was a gift made to The Light House Bistro in Annapolis. The Bistro helps to provide a career path and jobs to those willing to study and work hard to change their lives. If you stop by The Bistro, you will see “Danny’s chair” facing the kitchen, with the inscription “In loving memory, Chef Daniel” on the back.

Margie says that giving back through Danny’s Fund helps her to channel positive energy in her son’s memory. “Sometimes we think we can’t make a difference or we don’t give ourselves enough credit to know what little steps can mean, but in my heart, I know otherwise.” She is energized when she has direct interaction with those in need.  “I might be able to do or say a little something that will inspire or encourage someone to take the next step in a positive direction. I am sharing with others how we, as a family, and also through my company, have come together with CFAAC to turn tragedy into something meaningful.”

When asked what word (or words) would describe CFAAC, Margie said: “Giving Hope.”  


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