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The Community Foundation Edge: Knowledge, QCD eligibility, and public support

As a reminder, community foundations can offer many services and personal attention to your clients when it comes to meeting their philanthropic goals. Here are two examples of the types of comments community foundations have heard over the years from attorneys, accountants, and financial advisors:

“I didn’t realize that the community foundation’s Donor Advised Fund offering was so much more than just an online account. My clients have loved getting to know other donors, accessing first-hand knowledge about what’s going on in the community and how their favorite charities are making a difference, and being able to involve their children in philanthropic events and activities.”

“I’m amazed at the variety of funds the community foundation can administer. Many of my clients have established Donor Advised Funds and have also augmented their philanthropic planning with a specialized fund such as a Scholarship Fund, Designated Fund, or Field of Interest Fund. A big bonus for my retirement-age clients is that the IRS allows the community foundation to receive a Qualified Charitable Distribution from a client’s IRA and place it into one of these specialized funds.”


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