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Talking Philanthropy with Your Clients

Is giving through a Community Foundation right for your clients?

Discussing philanthropy is a value adding element in an advisor’s portfolio and a service welcomed by clients who expect an integrated approach to their wealth management. Having philanthropic conversations shows the client that you care about the relationship in the long term.

Research has shown that clients are not only open to discussing philanthropy with their advisors, they express a desire to have philanthropic conversations early in the client/advisor relationship. 

  • Is giving through a community foundation right for your clients?
  • Do you have clients who care deeply about their community?
  • Do they give to more than one philanthropic cause?
  • Are they interested in creating a personal or family legacy?
  • Are they considering establishing a private foundation?  
  • Are they considering developing a corporate giving program? 
  • Would they like to stay personally involved in the use of their gift dollars?
  • Do they want to give effectively and receive maximum tax benefits for their contributions under federal law?
  • Do they place a priority on sound financial management of their contributions?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, your clients would benefit from knowing more about CFAAC. 

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