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CFAAC Community Impact Series Presents: Fostering An Inclusive Environment

Belo Consulting Group Presents: Fostering An Inclusive Environment on Teams

Exceptional nonprofit board and staff understand and realize the correlation between mission, strategy, board composition, and effectiveness, and further understand that an inclusive culture is essential to accomplishing that end. In order for the nonprofit sector to remain relevant, effective, and grounded in the needs of our increasingly diverse communities, nonprofit boards and their staff must become and remain inclusive.

This workshop explores the idea of intentionally developing/fostering a culture of inclusion in any environment, but especially on and for teams. This discussion looks at the importance of seeking diverse perspectives in order to increase innovation and productivity as well as the behaviors and awareness necessary to develop an inclusive culture.

Attendees will: 

·  Be presented with the case for developing a culture of inclusion for their teams

·  Explore the importance of behaviors and awareness necessary to develop an inclusive culture through interactive scenarios

·  Observe the importance of seeking diverse perspectives in order to expand the realm of possible beneficial outcomes

NOTE: This session is limited to nonprofit staff; a maximum of two people from any one nonprofit can register. Session limited to 30 people maximum. The cost is $25.00 per person. 

About the Presenter


Charles Belo, Founder & CEO

Hailed as a "soft skills jedi", Mr. Belo has more than three decades of experience with the federal government, the last decade of that time has been exclusively as a diversity and inclusion practitioner. Known for his very personable and disarming style and demeanor, he has been recognized as a skilled inclusion consultant who makes nearly any topic easy to discuss, regardless of who's in the room. This U.S. Air Force veteran is also a career professional in national security analysis, mentoring and coaching, and professional networking.

True to and proud of his native North Carolina roots, Mr. Belo never meets a stranger. A proven dynamic, energetic and engaging speaker and certified facilitator, Mr. Belo is regularly sought after by organizational leaders and workforce teams to provide a variety of diversity and inclusion related workshops, facilitate brainstorming sessions and "power-hour" discussions on such topics as unconscious bias, fostering inclusion on teams or in the workplace, approaching cultural competency, open-mindedness and psychological safety, and others.

Mr. Belo holds a degree in Government and Politics from University of Maryland University College. ​

Learn more about Mr. Belo and Belo Consulting Group at

Register Here

December 3, 2020

Location | Via Zoom
Time | 9:00am

December 3 - 9:00AM


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